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Beta v13

8 characters length, 1 letters in Upper Case, 1 letters in Lower Case, 1 numerals (0-9)

Character sheets creator

Create your own template via our online tool or choose from the available RPGs to generate connected character sheets in a few clicks.

Sheets mobile friendly

Play online or around a table, without paper or pencil, thanks to character sheets designed and adapted to the mobile device, simply accessible from a web link.

Scenario editor

Write your own scenarios and create your own key points to keep you on track during the game, or download scenarios from the community for ready-to-use games.

Optimized interface for Game Master

Take advantage of an interface that allows you to follow the evolution of your players and NPCs' character sheets in real time and to manage your campaigns thanks to many options.

Items and Spells Tables

Create your own items and spells databases or use those of the community to quickly add them to your characters once the game starts.

Media library and interactive map

Share images or sounds with your players to animate your games and use an interactive map to manage the combat phases.

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Explore a medieval fantasy world, made up of several civilizations each with their own customs and traditions. Understand the world around you to take part in conflicts and choose to defend the common interest, that of your clan or simply your own. Your story begins on the benches of the adventurers' academy, for the rest, it is up to you to build your legend.


The CSO site is currently in BETA and continues its development

Template Creator
Scenario Editor
Integrated Chat
Formula Storage
Interactive Map
Turn Order System
Player App

1. Template Creator: Tool that allows you to design your own character sheet templates and view the results.

2. Scenario Editor: A tool built into the GM's screen for writing scenarios and adding key elements and notes.

3. Integrated Chat: Module that allows you to chat with other players in public or private and to keep track of your dice rolls.

4. Formula Storage : Functionality allowing to create complex formulas and to keep them in memory to be able to reuse them.

5. Interactive Map: Module allowing to use a map on which to place tokens and draw to manage the combat phases.

6. Workshop: Space to add character sheet templates and scenarios from the community to your account.

7. Turn Order System: Feature to manage the order of action of players and NPCs during combat phases.

8. Bestiary: Tool to create a database of monsters and creatures in order to quickly add them to your campaigns.

9. Player App: An application that allows players to keep all of their character sheets on their phone and view them even offline.

10. CSO JDR: Medieval fantasy role-playing games, with simple rules, ideal for beginners, but with a rich and developed universe.

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